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Gate Security and Sony is protecting national cultural heritage in Sweden

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Gate Security and Sony is protecting national cultural heritage in Sweden

Sony is protecting the national cultural heritage at Skansen

Skansen – in the middle of Stockholm in a part of the Archipelago - is the world's oldest open air museum with around 150 buildings from all over Sweden. A part of the park is a zoo with wild animals from Scandinavia and an aquarium. The park also contains stages, restaurants, playgrounds, and shops.

Customer challenge

Skansen covers 300,000 m2 and is visited by 1.4 million guests every year. The park has watchmen to help the visitors, prevent crime, and protect the animals but it is difficult for them to cover the large area.

Why Sony was chosen

"Sony was chosen after a public tender by Gate Security. We have used the set up for some time now and are very pleased with the quality and the capability of the cameras", says deputy of security Göran Kirsch, Skansen.

Sony Solution

The solution chosen was 32 Sony SNC-DH 180 cameras with loudspeakers for surveillance - and three SNC-CH140 cameras for web streaming at www.Skansen.se 

We wished to get HD pictures day and night from a camera in a vandal proof dome. Furthermore it was important for us to avoid false alarms. Therefore we have chosen cameras with built in electronics which can distinguish between the movements of e.g. the trees and an unwanted person in the area. Furthermore the cameras are very flexible to install", says Thomas Rasi, Gate Security AB.


The installation has had a preventive effect. Since the surveillance system was installed no housebreaking or sabotage has occurred at Skansen. The use of watchmen has been much more efficient at night when the cameras are active. And the surveillance system has given the security department greater control at Skansen.

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